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Winter Whimsy 2015

Wow! What a night it was! The beautifully decorated room at the Fort Collins Senior Center was aglow with candlelight and lovely centerpieces as 220+ ladies enjoyed their special night on Friday, January 23. A fabulous meal was prepared by Executive Chef Larry McMahon and Director of Dining Services Larry Webb from Good Samaritan Society, Fort Collins Village along with guest chefs from around the state. Dessert was provided by Accessible Systems of Northern Colorado.

Twenty gentlemen from CSU’s Pi Kappa Phi fraternity added a wonderful element to the evening as they served the meal and danced with the ladies.

Winter Whimsy 2015 - 1 Winter Whimsy 2015 - 2 Winter Whimsy 2015 - 3

Over 80 silent auction items and eleven live auction items prompted competitive bidding among the ladies. Purse Pandemonium, a new feature of this event, proved to be very popular, and each of the 37 ladies who purchased a ticket went home with a purse containing numerous “goodies.” Three of the purses contained a beautiful piece of jewelry as well.

Nearly $19,000 was raised for finishing touches to the Senior Center expansion bringing the 5-year total of funds raised to almost $70,000!

Many thanks to everyone who planned, implemented, sponsored, donated, volunteered and attended this event for the five years of its existence. Winter Whimsy 2015, the “final fling,” was a perfect ending to this popular “ladies night out!”

Winter Whimsy committee members: Peggy Bowers, Barbara Schoenberger, Peggy McGough, Lynette Seymour, Pat Tessari, Sharon Keay, Suzy Danford, Cindy Roccaforte and Janet Urban.


The final annual meeting of the Senior Center Building on Basics Expansion Committee was held on November 19th.

Its been a long time coming, but the Senior Center expansion is now a reality. The Committee could congratulate itself for a job very well done. True to their promise, they raised the funds that, added to the Fort Collins Building on Basics tax funds, made the dream actually happen.

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After the appropriate business reports, a summary of the 501(3)(c) dissolution procedures was presented.

At the end of the business portion of the meeting, the floor was given to Andrew McRoberts, Director of Culture, Parks, and Recreation at the City of Greeley to represent the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association giving awards to both Linda Hopkins, President of the Expansion Committee and Peggy McGough, Treasurer of the Committee.

Comments of appreciation were then given by the Senior Center Staff.

To finish the evening, a celebratory dinner was served to the Committee members and their guests in a beautiful new room in the new Education, Information, and Entertainment. wing of the expanded Senior Center — a room that did not exist just a few months ago.


At first glance, you might easily think that our new Senior Center Expansion is complete — the dream has come true. And, for the most part, you would be right — except for some smaller but still necessary details that still can be addressed.

The Board of Directors of the Building on Basics Expansion Committee asked the staff to present items that the Committee might help fund. The following are their observations:

1. The storage shed. Remember the three little stand -alone sheds to the west of the Senior Center. They were removed and many items that are used to decorate for events and parties as well as records that must be housed were placed in the big 18 wheeler that you can see to the west of the building. The big Christmas tree and the Christmas train are stored in that trailer. Together with the City Parks and Recreation funds and our donations we can complete the shed, reorganize storage and retrieve our treasures.

  • van_project
  • clock_project
  • mirror_project
  • fan_project
  • coffee_project

2. The new Twinberry auditorium does not have a clock. Perhaps it would be a good item to place at the rear of the auditorium in case some of the presenters get long winded. We have just a little more “time” to complete the auditorium details.

3. Esthetically, it would be nice to upgrade the light fixture in the social area. All of a sudden the original fixture looks too small and dowdy. What’s the song? We “gotta let our light shine” . . . or at least get some new lights.

4. Our coffee drinkers/dreamers think that an automatic machine that brews barista style coffees with flavors would enhance their drinking/thinking/socializing time. It may not be about the caffeine as much as it is about convenience and camaraderie.

As we know, the devil is in the details. And it is the details that require attention and a few more dollars. Won’t you please join us to fund these finishing touches? This is the FINALE!!

The Building on Basics Expansion Committe is a 501(c)(3) organization. Its tax ID# is 77-0710427. You can donate by clicking on the "You Can Help Us" tab at the top of any page on this site and then following it to "How to Donate" or you can just click HERE. You can give your contribution through your Credit Card or you can print out the contribution form and mail it to the address you find there.


Do you have a relative or friend that you would like to honor or remember? Is there someone special that you know and love who has enjoyed using the Senior Center? Have you found that the Senior Center has made a difference in your life?

You can still make very visible contributions by purchasing seats in the Twinberry Auditorium under the "Take a Seat" program. Each $300 donation to this program "purchases" a seat and will display your name and/or your memorial. Call the Senior Center for a "Take a Seat" application, (970) 221-6644.

Awards Given From Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Department recognized Peggy McGough and Linda Hopkins as Park and Recreation Community Champions. The recognition came for their work on the Fort Collins Senior Center Building on Basics Expansion Committee to raise funds for the recent expansion.

Peggy McGough is the Treasurer and Linda Hopkins is Chairperson for the Expansion Committee. Peggy has been a member of the original committee that worked to secure an expansion. She meticulously maintained reports and lists. For a personal touch, Peggy hand-wrote thank you notes for every contribution. She initiated, planned and held many very successful fundraising events and generously supported every activity held for the campaign. 

Linda has been a supporter and donor to the Senior Center since the early 1990s. When the expansion effort needed her, she accepted the challenge of chairing the campaign. Her experience and knowledge made her a daunting and capable leader for the effort. She assisted in hosting community meetings and seminars, wrote letters, spoke at City Council, and met personally with City leaders. Linda also campaigned throughout the community encouraging private donations.

Greg Daley, Recreation Coordinator, received the Outstanding New Professional Award presented by the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association for excellence in leadership, strategic thinking and planning, partner/coalition building, innovation and service. The winners of this award must have worked between three to seven years in the field of recreation. Greg was hired to run the Senior Center’s volunteer program but six months after starting, he took on the Trips and Travel program followed by the addition of the outdoor recreation program.

Three Organizations. One Goal.

A new era in community health and wellness began this summer in Fort Collins. A innovative partnership between the City of Fort Collins Recreation Department, Columbine Health Systems (Columbine) and University of Colorado Health (UC Health) creates a unique and comprehensive public health and wellness program housed at the improved and expanded Fort Collins Senior Center.

Health and wellness programmatic offerings will be placed into three broad categories: Health Awareness, Lifestyle Management, and Wellness & Education.

The programs and activities provided through this partnership will address our community's needs while responding to the lifestyles of a growing senior population. Active, health-minded seniors will find opportunities in this extensive set of resources to help them remain healthy.

To see the initial lists of activities and programs under each one of the health groups, (Health Awareness, Lifestyle Management, and Wellness & Education), please take a look at the overall brochure here.

To get an overview of what physical faciities were built, please go to the concept drawings

paper collage on panel, 'Tango I'

Click picture to enlarge the Overall Floor Plan (this is the latest version)

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